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1. Don’t want to wash jeans? Then de-freeze it. Your jeans will start looking fresh. Source:

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1. Pringles cans are probably the best thing that ever happened to engineering.

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1. Unlock It We have no clue why certain shopping carts are locked up as if

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1. Step 1 You will need these items: 40 grams of nutshells and 1 cup of

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1. Chalkboard Paint Chalkboard paint is a great way to label things to help little ones

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1. Cement Gloves If you’ve ever had a garden, we’re sure your used to what the

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1. This Technique Is Awesome Check out this awesome sharpening technique. This guy has figured out

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1. Designed by Copenhagen-based studio, this project called WFH House is developed in China by Arcgency

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1. First, Yates and his friend had to dig a big hole, which he describes as

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1. Stationary Edge You can also use your fist if it hurts your palms. #thatswhatshesaid