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What is it about Japan that makes it so seismically active? To start with, Japan is

16 Bizarre Animals That Are About To Be Lost Forever

1. Florida Panther.

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1. A Recent Scientific Study From The University Of Florida Discovered This About Bed Bugs Some

20 Giant Animals So Terrifying You’ll Never Leave The House Again

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A White Tiger and White Lion Had Babies and They Are The Cutest Babies Ever! (7 Pics)

1. White Lion, White Tiger This is Ivory and Saraswati, a white lion and white tiger.

She Extends Her Left Hand Out. Seconds Later, She’s Shocked When THIS Emerges From The Water (5 GIFs + VIDEO)

1. Grey Whale-Watching A whale-watching boat was out to sea in the waters of San Ignacio

He Noticed The Ocean Water Looked Strange, So He Started To Film. What He Captures? Wow (7 GIFs + VIDEO)

1. Beautiful Waves Spotted A series of beautiful waves have been captured by a lucky photographer.

This Town Was Flooded 50 Years Ago, And When The Water Drains, It Reveals Itself (7 Photos)

1. When a forgotten locale becomes a ghost town, we’re free to speculate about what happened

As It Turns Out, Unicorns May Have Actually Walked The Earth Alongside Humans (5 Photos)

1. This animal lived somewhere between 2.9 million and 29,000 years ago, and it resembled the