It Took Him 30 Years to Make These Photos but Wait Till You See the Last One

For the last 4 decades, street photographer Chris Porsz has been documenting working class Brits in his hometown of Peterborough as well as other parts of England over the years. Now 30+ years later, Porsz has spent the better part of a decade tracking down people from his original photos taken in the 70s and 80s and recreating the portraits as well as getting an update on their lives since.

1. Pin Badges – Original, 1970s/ Reunion, January 2013.


Punks (r to l) John Church, Gary Beckett, Ade Lawrence and Pippa Hodgson were pictured in Cathedral Square, wearing pin badges. John, who is now a painter and decorator in the city, said: ‘The other lads were school friends and Pippa was a mutual friend. We used to hang out together and listen to punk music. I think I was about 15 and on the verge of becoming a punk.’ John is still friends with Ade and they play in a band together. Gary emigrated to Australia, where he works as a project manager and Pippa now lives in Spain.

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